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Mission of Holy Cross Shrewsbury


Every parish in the Church of England has a Mission Action Plan--a statement of specifics of services currently operating, projected services, who is involved, and the statistics of the Church in general. While this is largely an internal document, and the information contained therein does not provide details such as times of services or contact information, we have made it available below, should you wish to view it.

 We have a series of Mission Leaflets available in the Abbey or here in PDF form.

Mission Action Plan (Large Document)   MAP Full 2015.pdf

Mission Action Plan (Updated 2017ff)    MAP Full 2017 NEW.pdf

Christenings and Baptisms    Christening & Baptism.pdf

Weddings    ->                        Wedding.pdf

Funerals    ->                           Funeral.pdf

Who is Jesus  ->                      Jesus.pdf

How to Pray    ->                     Prayer.pdf

How to join a Prayer Group    Join a Prayer Group.pdf



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