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Parish Hall Funding from Local Councillor                    Spring 2018

We thank Councillor David Vasmer for arranging a 750 grant towards the installation of a Commercial Dishwasher in the Hall - now we can stay squeeky-clean!


HLF work                                                                                Summer 2017 - Spring 2018

There are acres of scaffolding as work commences and continues on the South and East sides of the Abbey - urgent stonework repairs form the most expensive part of Heritage Lottery Funded work.


Toddle-In funding from Midshires Co-operative         Summer 2017

Toddle-In received a grant of 1100 from Midshires Co-operative to assist in the purchase of new (and finger-safe) chairs, pinboards, play-mats and storage boxes. A big THANK YOU to Midshires Co-operative for this


St. Peter's Church and the Parish Hall redecorated     Summer 2016

In quick succession both the church of St. Peter's in Monkmoor Road and the Parish Hall at the same site have been redecorated - Both are looking really smart. Our thanks to Councillor Miles Kenny for 'Mayor's Fund' assistance towards the Hall floor and to the Millichope Fund for the same.

St. Peter's is now warmer as well as looking extremeely smart and the hall is now a much more attractive venue.

Try Praying                                                                           Easter 2016

The Parish joined numerous churches in Shrewsbury to be part of the Try Praying initiative - if you missed it and want to find out more - go to

Phase 1 Heritage Lottery Fund Award                            March 2016




We are pleased to announce a Phase 1 award from Heritage Lottery - This is for           44,166 -     and will cover the Development Phase of a Project to include a number of different areas of       Abbey Life

The Project is called Shrewsbury Abbey - Saints and Stones - a 21st Century Experience

It is proposed to enable a large amount of Stonework Repairs - mainly to the Eastern end of the Abbey. The Abbey was recently put on the Heritage England 'At Risk' register. This doesn't mean it is falling into ruin! It does mean we have to address certain issues with the building to ensure its continued use into the 21st century .... and beyond.

It is proposed to enhance the Hospitality facilities at the Abbey - currently a sink set in a low quality unit and worktop which is not befitting an amazing Grade 1 listed building.

It is proposed to re-launch the Abbey web-site with much better accessibility, useability and to enable a much better educational and visitor experience - both on-site and from anywhere in the world.

It is proposed to employ a 'Young Persons Officer' to work with local schools and local young people to draw out the culture and heritage of the amazing Abbey building and history and to enable the development of safe and interesting ways for young people to explore and engage in prayer, worship and spirituality.

It is proposed to re-create the mediaeval Pilgrimage route from Shrewsbury to Holywell and to develop this as the St. Winefride Pilgrimage Trail.


New car Park installed                                                        July 2014

After several years of plans and 'goal-posts' moving innumerable times, the Abbey West End is now looking a great deal smarter. Our thanks to Tim Sneddon and his team and also Millingtons for the amazing refurbished east - west path.

Cadfael turns 100                                                           September 2013

Sunday 29th September 2013 will see a service commemorating 'Cadfael's' 100th Birthday. The service is at 3pm and will include the men of the Abbey Choir singing monastic items and players from Middle Ground Theatre Group with 2 extracts from the play 'Virgin in the Ice'.

Bid for Heritage Lottery Funding - Update               March 2013

We will need to put this in again! It was broadly welcomed by Heritage Lottery Trust, but there were some areas we need to work on before it will be successful.

Bid for Heritage Lottery Funding                               August 2012

The Shrewsbury Abbey Renaissance team are close to submitting a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the renovation of the William Hill Organ and developments to the choral and musical life of the Abbey. The bid will be the culmination of a great deal of work by Nigel, Sula, Brian, Ken all ably assisting Vicar Paul.

Bid for High Level Stonework made to LPWS            July 2012

Shrewsbury Abbey is over 900 years old and needs regular work to maintain it in good condition. A bid has been put into the Listed Places of Worship Scheme for work to the East End parapets and transept stubs together with high level stone 'spalling' repairs. Total cost around 150,000 with the bid for around half this - ouch!

Olympic Torch to pass Shrewsbury Abbey            May 2012

Wednesday 30th May will see the Olympic Torch pass by the west end of the Abbey on its journey from town to Old Potts way. The torch is only in Shrewsbury for a little less than an hour and should be at the Abbey some time between 11.30 to 12.30.

Shrewsbury Abbey Renaissance Launched          March 2012

The launch of Shrewsbury Abbey Renaissance took place on March 11th. See the Abbey Renaissance Page

Alpha Course restarts at St. Peter's, Monkmoor Road            January 2012

The Alpha Course being run collaboratively with Shrewsbury Baptist Church has restarted. If you are interested in doing a future Alpha Course contact the Abbey Office - details at the foot of the page. 

Organ Blowers being replaced                January 2012

The Organ Blowers which have been on order the past 8 weeks will be fitted this coming week (16/1). Replacing the asbestos ridden predecessors it is hoped to have the William Hill Organ up and running by Thursday 19th January.

Shrewsbury Abbey features in Dec. 2011 copy of The Shropshire Magazine          November 2011

Their website is for a look at recent issues.

Asbestos removed from the Abbey Organ Blower         November 2011

Having discovered asbestos in a long overdue maintenance of the Organ Blower the asbestos is being removed in early November. Once the asbestos is removed Nicholsons' of Great Malvern will be removing the old blower which is now defunct and will be fitting a new blower, hopefully in time for Christmas.

New heating to keep the congregation warmer              November 2011

Ready for the winter: thirty metres of finned piping have been fitted into the gullies underneath the twin cast iron grilles in the central aisle of Shrewsbury Abbey. Vicar, Paul Firmin said, 'It appears there may once have been heating here at some time in the past, but when the Abbey moved from a 'solid fuel' boiler and installed new radiators many years ago the central aisle was left without heating. This has meant those sitting near the central aisle were about 10 metres away from the nearest source of heat'. The pipes will deliver some 20 or more kilowatts of heating where it is needed.



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