Shrewsbury Abbey

Open Door at Shrewsbury Abbey 2018


Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October 2018




An exploration of the Lord's Prayer and the amazing History of Shrewsbury Abbey

This page contains materials for schools visiting Shrewsbury Abbey for Open Door in October 2018.


DIOCESE OF LICHFIELD - link and details

Diocese of Lichfield Open Door Page - including application form - Click Here


OPEN DOOR - papers and preparation

We will contact participating schools before the Summer Holidays to begin to suggest some preparatory work - but for now ....

PROGRAMME FOR THE DAY 2018.docx - this is very much 'draft' at this stage - but will give you an idea.

Abbey Childrens Open Door booklet.pdf - Pupil Copy

Abbey Childrens Open Door booklet - Teacher's Copy.pdf - With the answers!

Saints Swords and Statues - Do have a look at this Key Stage 2 tour of the Abbey - We recommend schools print out a colour copy of this for each pupil attending ..... and anyone else at the school.

OPEN DOOR - music - this is yet to be confirmed

Open Door Song 2018.pdf - Sheet music for the song 'Dear God, our Father'

Dear Lord, our Father.m4a - Music with accompaniment to help learn the song.

This is taken from the Resource CD* 'The Lord's Prayer' and should only be used by schools involved in 2018 Open Door at Shrewsbury - sorry to any others ..... it is by Ian Smale (c) Kingsway Music,


And finally -  a sample of some of the Artwork .....


*Material we will be using is from The Lord's Prayer project - Diocese of St. Edmundsbury & Ipswich


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