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Rotas, Committee Dates and Accounts

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Clergy and Service Rotas

Serving Rotas

Committee Dates

Abbey Accounts

GDPR Material

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Clergy and Services Rotas -

2018  Preach Preside July to December 2018.pdf


Serving Rotas for Abbey & St. Peter's

Abbey Rotas Jul-Sep 2018C.pdf



Committee Dates for Abbey & St. Peter's Committees

2018  Committee Dates 2018 - 2019.pdf


Abbey Accounts

Accounts ye 2017 (DRAFT).pdf

Accounts ye 2016 Abbey.pdf

Accounts ye 2015 Abbey.pdf

Accounts ye 2014 Abbey.pdf


Accounts ye 2012 Abbey.pdf

Accounts ye 2011 Abbey.pdf

Accounts ye 2010 Abbey.pdf

Time Talents and Tithing trifold 2017.pdf


 - DRAFT March 2018 -      Original details from Parish Resources Website

 GDPR-Parish-Guide.pdf     This is the main guidelines and proposed policy

Main Consent - Covering Parish and Incumbent March 2018.docx     This is a copy of the Consent Form

Short Consent March 2018.docx     This is for ad-hoc visitors to ask to be kept in touch

Privacy Notice PCC March 2018.docx       This is the main notice - covering the PCC

Privacy Notice INCUMBENT March 2018.docx     This is the main notice - covering the Incumbent (for the time-being)

GDPR-Privacy-Notice-and-Guidance March 2018.pdf       This is general guidance for PCC's and Incumbents


Insurance for the Year - May x to April y

St. Peter's Insurance 1.5.18 - 30.04.19.pdf

Abbey Insurance 1.5.18 - 30.04.19.pdf

Insurance Hall 8.9.17 to 7.9.18.pdf



St. Peter's QQ 15.03.17.pdf

PARISH HALL.QQ 15.03.17.pdf


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