Shrewsbury Abbey

Regular Services


Shrewsbury Abbey - Sundays

8.30 am                        Morning Prayer (said - about 20 minutes)

10.00 am                      Holy Communion (with the Abbey Choir)

 3.00 pm                        Choral Evensong

During the end of July. the whole of August and the first week of September,  the week after Christmas and the week after Easter - the Abbey Choir takes a well-earned break. 10.00 am service includes hymns and 3.00 pm service is 'said'.

There may be occasional Sundays when a Civic or County Service is held in lieu of a regular service - and you are welcome to attend these.

Shrewsbury Abbey - Weekdays

 8.30 am                          Morning Prayer (said - about 20 minutes)

12:00 pm Thursdays      Holy Communion


St. Peter's Monkmoor Road - Sundays

10.30 am                        Holy Communion

Very rarely and on special occasions there may be a joint service held at the Abbey - with no service at St. Peter's - details on 'This Week' -

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