Shrewsbury Abbey

Gorsuch Langley & Prynce Trust

Gorsuch Langley & Prynce Trust is a Registered Charity. It was set up as an amalgam of charities dating back to the 17th century. Its main purposes are to help the poor of the parish and to promote tertiary education amongst parishioners (full details available from The Charity Commission of England and Wales).

The restrictions are as follows:

  • Only persons living in the Ancient Parish of the Holy Cross are eligible for assistance. This limits applications to persons living in 1) The Parish of The Holy Cross, Shrewsbury (The Abbey and St. Peter’s Monkmoor) and 2) The Parish of St. Giles, Shrewsbury. No person resident outside this geographical area is eligible.
  • Funding is restricted to persons in need or students in tertiary education – the latter being students whose usual ‘home’ address is in the area detailed above.

If you would like a grant from the Trust, please email:, using ‘Gorsuch Langley and Prynce Application’ as the subject line. All applicants will then be visited by the Trust Secretary, who will perfrom a ‘means test’, complete an application form with the applicant and then submit the application to the next Trust meeting.

Please note: Most successful grants are for items such as a large kitchen appliance or carpetting, with the funding paid directly to the supplier.