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The Bible is at the heart of the Christian Faith. Drawing from Judaic roots, what we call the Bible today is made up of an Old Testament — the story of God’s people before the time of Jesus — and a New Testament — containing the Life of Jesus and the life of the early church. Not so much a book, but a library, it is seen as the inspired Word of God and it continues to speak of values, morals, hopes and the good news of salvation to a world desperately in need of such inspiration.

We encourage you to try and make the Bible part of your daily life.

A note from Vicar Paul:

I have the joy of visiting people in the Parish and beyond. Often when I visit them in their homes I learn about something which interests them: a past-time, hobby or skill which is very precious. I recognise this because there are often books or films about whatever it is they have as their interest — steam trains, Manchester United, music, a particular author or film star. Their house is full of their interest. But ask about the Bible and a dusty old book is found which hasn’t been opened in years. Ask them about ‘cutting edge theology’ and no, they have never actually read a book about God, or Christianity. I do encourage you to explore the Bible regularly — whether reading, listening or even watching a dramatised version. Only then will your skills in the words of the Bible grow.

A good place to start is the Bible Gateway — you can read or listen to the Bible there.

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If you would like to try reading the Bible in a Year – Download a PDF document with a list of all the readings.